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Watch Hard Luck Love Song (2020) online movie in hd quality free Whenever I hear any country songs: Country road, take me home…
A new indie romance based on some country song that I never heard of. Basically it’s about this singer dude living in this town and uniting with his old lover.
In the first two acts, there were barely anything dramatic. We just see our main character drifting through life playing some billiards and interacting with other people. It should have been boring, bust somehow I enjoyed the chill vibe and the country music. It’s crazy that I liked those country songs. Because of this, the movie somehow had better pacing that its plot made it out to be.
The third act was both predictable and surprising. Some characters that our main guy had beef with returned, which was entirely expected. However, then, there’s a twist that bent the meaning of the scenes at the beginning of the movie. It caught me off guard, but really the twist didn’t have much significance.
Another problem was the main guy. In order to make the twist work, the story could not reveal much about his past, which was vaguely told by another character.