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Watch Sharks of the Corn (2021) online movie in hd quality free

“Right, well with a movie titled “”Sharks of the Corn””, of course you are bound to believe that you are in for either a spoof or a comedy. One would think so. But no, this 2021 movie from writer and director is seriously labeled as a horror movie. Yeah, exactly, a horror movie. And, well, I guess it was a horror movie in some way, because this movie was bad. So horribly, horrible bad. And yet, I sat through it, hoping that it would eventually become so cheesy and bad that it would become one of those movies so bad that they are enjoyable and hilarious to watch. That just never happened with “”Sharks of the Corn””. The storyline in “”Sharks of the Corn”” was just downright corny, pardon the pun, so at least the writer and director got that right. But it wasn’t by any means an enjoyable storyline. And the whole thing about sharks and Stonehenge being interwoven? But why? The acting in this 2021 horror movie was dubious at best. Of course it was, just take a look at the special effects, the storyline, the dialogue and the sharks, and you get the idea. There there were the special effects. Boy, were they special alright. The effects were lowkey and practical in origin. And points scored for making something like this. But the effects in “”Sharks of the Corn””? Come on. It was atrocious. It was so blatantly obvious just a hand shark puppet held in front of the camera. And the blood effects? Well, let’s not even go there. “”Sharks of the Corn”” is without a doubt one of the worst movies that I have suffered through. Don’t get suckered in by the movie’s cover, the title or the catch phrase “”Steven Kang’s Sharks of the Corn””. I did, and I regret it awfully. My rating of “”Sharks of the Corn”” lands on a one out of ten stars.”